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Popsicle Report

Each summer I promise myself I’m going to do something icy to beat the heat and humidity that is a Japanese summer. This year, I finally got around to doing something. I saw on facebook something about a gin and … Continue reading

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Cacio e Pepe. Cheese and Pepper Pasta

A few weeks back I saw a video about how to make cacio e pepe, cheese and pepper pasta. It is a pasta dish that has 3 ingredients: cheese (usually parmesan), butter and pepper. The video was a case of … Continue reading

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I Just Invented a Salad Dressing

Daikon salad was on the menu tonight. I’m not keen on the shoyu-based Japanese salad dressing from the store but it goes really well with daikon. I like it better if I add wasabi which is a trick I learned … Continue reading

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