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Creating Community and Artist Books. An Interview with Joan Birkett

Joan Birkett, an artist from the UK, has collaborated several times with Art Byte Critique. Currently, she is part of the UK contingent sharing a table with Art Byte Critique at the Tokyo Art Book Fair Ginza Edition at Sony … Continue reading

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Interview with Carol Miller about Artist Books

I haven’t met Carol Miller in person… yet. But through another artist, Joan Birkett, we’ve collaborated on a couple of art book exhibitions. Carol is also a very talented illustrator. Her graphite drawings for Drawlloween 2018 are amazing. I was … Continue reading

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Nicosui and Harunobu Aihara: The Couple that Felts Together

Yuko and Harunobu Aihara felt together. The pair recently had a fiber sculpture exhibition called Ikimono Expo 2 at Gallery Choukou (ギャラリー澄光) near Okusawa station (on the Meguro line) that shows how creative and detailed needle felting can be. The … Continue reading

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Tunnel Book Test

I’m thinking about taking the serialized story in MaiNichi Mushroom, “The Great Mushroom Detective: The Case of the Golden Mushroom,” and making it into a tunnel book. Here is a test page from the second installment of the story.

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Talking About Art

In the middle of writing a blog post reflecting on everything going on this autumn, I end up writing about art and and the way we talk about it. It’s still a work in progress but I thought I would … Continue reading

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A Tragic Cookie Romance.

While working on other posts, I got the urge to make a stop motion video. I know. Squirrel!-like attention span. Luckily, I remembered some old footage I’d taken using an app called Stop Motion Studio and I put it together … Continue reading

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Tokyo Artbook Fair 2014: Interview with Lyle Nisenholz

The Zinesmate Tokyo Art Book Fair starts September 19th and I’m interviewing fellow Art Byte Critique artists about their work. The third in the series of eight interviews presents Lyle Nisenholz. Lyle Nisenholz is an American artist, focusing on painting and illustration. Lyle will be … Continue reading

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Playlist Your Work Habits

A few days ago I wrote a post about music and work habits. This evening has been an editing evening and I thought I’d share another playlist. Finally Moving by Pretty Lights is a song I really like to listen to. … Continue reading

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Burning Out Inspiration: Music While You Work

Music while you work, inspiration or irritation? I thought everyone liked to listen to music while they worked. Then one day I talked to a friend who said he needs complete quiet to work. It was a revelation to me. … Continue reading

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Doubty Dragon: With or Without Wings?

This is my newest plushy creation, Doubty Dragon. His real name is Doubtful Dragon, both because when i started out to make this, I doubted it would look like anything, and because I was using crochet for stress management when … Continue reading

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