Make Your Own iPhone Cover

iPhone case and box from Smasha.
Estello Loves Ramen. Image made by me on Adobe Illustrator.

Do you have a favorite image that perfectly expresses who you are or a moment you want to remember? At Wonder Photo Shop in Harajuku you can take that favorite image and make it into a personalized iPhone cover. I love Wonder Photo and I recently wrote a post introducing the store. You can do lots of interesting things with your images at Wonder Photo. Making a personalized iPhone cover is probably my favorite.

Make Your Own Smasha iPhone Cover for ¥2700

The product, called Smasha, is a collaboration between Fujifilm and Monogram You get a semi-hard plastic cover with your image printed on the back. The images doesn’t wrap around the sides. It takes 10 days from data submission until you pick it up at the shop.

    1. What You Need:
      1. The image you want must be on your photo album on your phone. This will not work with a clip/clip drive.
      2. You need a QR reader. Any QR reader (Japanese or English) will work. I downloaded the first free QR reader I saw in the Apple App Store. The QR code will guide you to the page you need later.
    2. How It Works (this link shows the steps in Japanese).
      1. You use your QR reader to take a photo of the QR code posted in the shop.
      2. This will open a window on your phone, through which you select your image. There are a series of steps here. The staff will help guide you through this.
      3. You can enlarge your image and slide it around to get placement that you like. On the website, it seems you can add text. I didn’t want to add text and so maybe I missed this function at the shop.
      4. You get a message that the info is correct and then hit enter (again the staff will help guide you through this).

The staff I met didn’t speak much English but they are very friendly try really hard to help. They really made the process quite easy. A bit of Japanese and patience and friendly attitude will get it all done.

Adress: Shibuya-Ku, Jingu Mae 6-29-4
Hours: 11:00 -8:00 Open everyday except end of year/ new year holiday.
Phone: 03-6427-9703 [shop]
2F tel 03-6427-9709 [studio]



      Fukutoshin Line/ Chiyoda Line. Jingumae Station. 1 Minute


    Exit #7, 1 minute from Jingumae Station. You will be on Meiji Dori. Turn right (in the direction of Shibuya/ away from Omotesando).

JR:(Yamanote Line) Harajuku Station. 6 minutes.
Use the main exit (NOT Takeshita Dori exit) and walk down Omotesando towards Aoyama. Turn right at Meiji Dori (landmarks are Tokyo Plaza or Lotteria on the Burgers on the corner). Walk one minute. Shop on the right side of the street.

Car: The shop has no parking spaces but paid parking is nearby.

〒150-0001 東京都渋谷区神宮前6-29-4 1F&2F [studio]
open 11:00 – 20:00 [年末年始を除き無休]
1F tel 03-6427-9703 [shop]
2F tel 03-6427-9709 [studio] 
fax 03-6427-9719

●東京メトロ千代田線/副都心線「明治神宮前」駅 7番出口から渋谷方面徒歩1分

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