Yarn Addiction Thursday: More I-cord

view of whole scarfSince I found it so relaxing to make i-cord with the mill, I decided to make another scarf. It’s based on the same La Droguerie project. This time, instead of using pom poms, I sewed tiny beads between the cords to join the strands. I used old beads and pendants that I had left over from my abandoned attempts at jewelry making. The pompoms were fun, but I like this project, too. I feel like I’m wearing a piece of jewelry.

Knotted scarf detailing beaded joinsMostly I used stash wool, but I picked up some more at La Droguerie. Sigh… I’m such a wool addict. But at least 60% of the wool is from stuff I already had. I think this scarf is a lot more elegant than the pom-pom scarf. Using beads instead of pompoms is more subtle anyway. Another change I made was to sew the beads closer together than the pompoms so that the gaps between strings are smaller. As much as I enjoy making the cord, I’m starting to find the sewing up part tedious. This is a problem since I already made more i-cords for another scarf. I suppose it’s now a problem for later.

Scarf tip details
Scarf tip details

Another great stash-busting factor were the silver beads I used for the ends. I had to buy a few more blue beads, but I really tried to use up what I had. As a stash project, this worked out not too badly.  The finished product is a bit heavier so I was a bit worried my hard work was for naught. I hate even a slight pull around my neck so I was relieved to find that if I took a bit of care on how I wrapped it, I didn’t fell any pull.  

Cashmere 95%/nylon5%: Cashmere Gold by Rich More (stash)
Alpaca 100%: Alpaga Teint by La Droguerie (1/2 stash, 1/2 new
Silk 50%/alpaca 50%:  Soyeuse by La Droguerie (stash)
Merino: Daily by Okadaya (stash)
End Beads:
silver and moonstone, old single earrings or bought randomly over the years
Other Beads: La Droguerie and stash
Connecting Beads:  La Droguerie (new)


Yarn Addiction Thursday: I-cord Scarf Frenzy

Adapted from a La Droguerie pattern
Adapted from a La Droguerie pattern

On a visit to La Droguerie in Shibuya Seibu, I saw an interesting scarf made of i-cord, pompoms and flowers made of felt cut-outs. The title on the pattern is “l’écharpe” which I think just means scarf. Not so helpful as a title perhaps. To make the scarf you use an i-cord knitting mill. The one I bought at La Droguerie came in a plain brown box, so while I can’t be sure about the brand, it looks like the Prym Knitting Mill.

I couldn’t find enough felt flower cut outs to match the wool colors I chose so I decided to change the pattern from flowers to dots, polka-dots and spheres.

I found little felted balls of wool at Okadaya and bought some to give more color variety and because they were cheaper than the ones I got at La Droguerie. I also bought a felt ball maker so that I could make a variety of sizes of felt balls for the ends of the strings. Not surprisingly, making felt spheres got old really fast. I suppose the method is less painful that needle felting (ha ha, there’s some kind of pun in there) but work is work and time is time.When I finally had all my pieces made, I safety pinned it together and started sewing. I sewed each pompom on individually. It might have taken less work to run the thread through the strings, but I felt that would limit the amount of stretch inherent in the yarn. Again, after a while, it became tedious. It helped that I was able to take it in the car and work on it during road-trips.

Finishing touches on the ends of the strings. Felt discs were glued on to two discs sandwiching the string end and sewn shut.
Finishing touches on the ends of the strings. Felt discs were glued on to two discs sandwiching the string end and sewn shut.

I always think that adding embellishments will be the fun part. And when I get to that stage and I’m just impatient for it to be done. I did enjoy doing to color selection and organization for the felt circles and spheres for the string ends. I think it gets stressful because at this stage, even tiny mistakes affects how the work looks. I’m not great with a needle and thread so I had to redo this part often to get even stitches.

But then, voila! Finally, it is done.

i-cord knitting mill
felt-ball maker (Okadaya)
fabric glue
felting wool 100% Merino
Velvet pompoms (from La Droguerie)
wool pompoms
thread and needle
felt circle cut outs

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