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Chopin, Rain and My Neighbourhood

Walking to Jiyugaoka in the rain. It’s cold but I’m dressed warmly and have waterproof foot ware. I’m a bit bored so I play some music, but what to play on a rainy-misty day? It’s cold and gray and then … Continue reading

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Tokyo Artbook Fair: Interview with Marie Wintzer

The fourth in the series of interviews from fellow Tokyo Artbyte Critique group, who are participating in the Tokyo Artbook Fair presents Marie Wintzer. Marie Wintzer is a French artist who also works in the field of neurosciences. She currently … Continue reading

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Mission Inspiration: Helsinki

City and Sea Photos from walking around Helsinki in January. I convinced my husband to walk around Helsinki for hours by luring him with the promise of food at Hietalahti Market Hall. It was a loooong nice walk and the food … Continue reading

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Mission Inspire: Tallinn, Land of Marzipan and Gingerbread

When you decide to go someplace on the spur of the moment, the anticipation is all about discovery rather than expectations. We decided to go to Tallinn on January 1st because almost everything in Helsinki was closed. We had no … Continue reading

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Revisiting 15 Authors Who Influenced Me Because It’s My Birthday.

It’s weird when you come across things that you wrote a while ago. Reactions fall into two camps, Completely Cringeworthy or Still Resonating. It’s my birthday today and birthdays for me reflection. Usually I make a list of good and … Continue reading

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Playlist Your Work Habits

A few days ago I wrote a post about music and work habits. This evening has been an editing evening and I thought I’d share another playlist. Finally Moving by Pretty Lights is a song I really like to listen to. … Continue reading

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Burning Out Inspiration: Music While You Work

Music while you work, inspiration or irritation? I thought everyone liked to listen to music while they worked. Then one day I talked to a friend who said he needs complete quiet to work. It was a revelation to me. … Continue reading

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