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gin and tonic popsicle made with Zoku Round Pop mold.
gin and tonic popsicle made with Zoku Round Pop mold.

Each summer I promise myself I’m going to do something icy to beat the heat and humidity that is a Japanese summer. This year, I finally got around to doing something. I saw on facebook something about a gin and tonic popsicle. Having just discovered the beat-the-heat property of gin and tonic last summer I was keen to try.

But popsicles have always been frustrating failures. Usually they get stuck in the mold or never freeze and I end up with a collection of plastic that mocks me everytime i open my kitchen cupboards This year, I decided, would be different. Undaunted, I took to the internet to take the guesswork out of which popsicle mold to buy. I found this great post by Sweethome.  They kindly tested a bunch of molds and based on their recommendation I bought the Zoku Round Pop molds. The silicone molds are supposed to be easy to remove. Definitely check out their website. Their post is a good read.

Zoku Round Pop mold
Zoku Round Pop mold

The Verdict:
They WORK! Happy Snoopy dance of icy popsicle joy! The molds really are easy to remove. The round shape means that the base is narrower than the widest part but I still found it fairly easy to take it off. It doesn’t slide off but it wasn’t too bad. The fact that the silicone mold is removable from the tray means that you can remove one at a time quite easily.

If you look closely you can see some of the soda bubbles caught in the ice
If you look closely you can see some of the soda bubbles caught in the ice

The Recipe:
I didn’t bother to research the recipe I found on Facebook. I took some Schweps Tonic Water, squeezed half a lime (which was stingy with the juice) and added a shot of Bombay Sapphire. I split the liquid between the four popsicle molds. I didn’t want it to be too gin-y because alcohol doesn’t freeze well. I ended up being a bit short of liquid because I wanted the liquid to meet the base of the popsicle stick. I just added water figuring that would help with the freezing. Seemed to have worked. it did take a long time to freeze. It took over 6 hours and was better the next day.

gin and tonic popsicle

The Taste and Texture:

It was quite refreshing but didn’t taste really strong. I think I’d like to get a juicier lime next time to kick up the flavor a notch. The texture was more like granitas on a stick. It probably would have worked just as well to leave out the stick and serve it in a bowl. it was easy to bite chunks off so would work with a spoon and bowl.

So next up in the popsicle recipe testing:
*coconut milk with tapioca pearls and pineapple
*espresso or latte

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