Yukata in the Park

I recently shot a great collaboration project with Louise Rouse and Michelle Zacharias. We worked on direct mail images for Louise’s print show, Solo at 30, at Sendagi Kukan and for invites for her birthday party.

Louise did the concept and styling of the shoot and Michelle was an amazing assistant director. The idea was yukata in Yoyogi Koen with (hopefully) a few of the rockabilly guys and gals that perform near the entrance, or beating the heat with a nice kakigori (shaved ice with sweet syrup). We got a couple of shots with a great rockabilly couple.

It was super hot but it was worth the effort. Lots of compliments on the amazing yukata Louise bought that’s made by Hiroko Takahashi and many people admired the hair by Hikaru Terada.

If you have time, check out the print show Solo at 30.  Discover more of Louise’s work at her web page..

Shoot Accreditation
Styling: Louise Rouse
Assistant Director: Michelle Zacharias
Photography: Lori Ono
Makeup: uncredited
Hair: Hikaru Terada at Warren Tricomi
Yukata by Hiroko Takahashi

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