Mission Inspiration: Paris

Rather than heaps of text, I thought I’d just post the photos of Paris that I took and still look at for inspiration. There are color swatches from some of the photos. Hope you like the photos.

Two different approaches to photographing the Eiffel Tower.

Chocolate Shopping: only a fraction of the stores I went into!

The Seine and Pont Alexandre III

Twilight and Night

Color swatches inspired by Paris:

I have heaps of photos from different Museums which allowed photography but I’m saving those for me.


Shimoda: Kisama Ohama.

I visited my friend, Maria, for a couple days mid-week in Shimoda, Shizuoka. Lots of big waves here. The weather turned sunny for the first time in days when I arrived. Yeah! I bring the sunshine. The sky still was a bit dark so it made for some interesting photos.

These two are my favorite. For the dark sky, I liked how the waves were so blue but the surf is still super white. Even theough it was sunnier yesterday, it still looked like it might rain. The long exposure was hand-held for 1/10th of a second so a really tough photo.

 I think every time I see pines on rocks on a beach I will think of Japan. Yesterday’s Instagram photo really illustrates that.

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