Snail Geometry

Geometry is this week’s Postaweek Photo Challenge. I already posted one entry, and I really like the photo but it has a lot of hard lines. I had originally wanted to do something spiral-oriented. I dunno, maybe I’m in a spinny mood but I didn’t remember any photos. I was enjoying looking at some other posts and noticed the focus on architecture and hard lines and then I saw Liz Hardeman’s really nice photo of a spiral shell on her blog Nature on the Edge. Then I remembered the snails I photographed along the Tamagawa in Oome. I thought the spiral would contrast my previous square post.

It was raining pretty hard and photography was not that great that day. There was a kayaker practicing on the river. It was interesting but the photos were murky. I didn’t even get any nice atmospheric landscapes. Then I looked down and saw some snails. I did some macro photos of the snails. It was fun to watch their antennae pop in and out and watch their little snailish moustaches snuffle the moss.

I stayed and photographed them for about thirty minutes. I thought I was pretty rainproof and toasty. I was, until I put my camera bag back over top my rainsoaked down jacket. It pressed the water right through the jacket. Then it was a twenty minute walk to the train station, at least twenty minutes until the next train and then over ninety minutes until I could get warm and dry. I ended up with the worst cold I can recall having. Not sure if the snails were worth it.
motivational snail pictures


3 thoughts on “Snail Geometry”

    1. Thanks for looking them Stefano. I’d say they’re good crops. Glad to be able to crop that much and still get an image, though.


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