Motivational Snail Poster!

This was made from a photo I took along the Tamagawa. I created it for a little snail back-talk to tack on the end of my post Snail Geometry.

But remove it from the back-talk context and I think it’s pretty motivational. I can’t help it. I just had to give this its own post. Because nothing is more motivational that a snail!

When it comes to motivational pictures or quotes I need something unconventional. Footprints in the sand at sunset with some humbling quote meant to remind me about my place in the world really gets my back up. The famous “Hang in There” kitty just about drives me nuts. As much as I love animals, when I see that poster, I always wish the kitty would drop the wire and find something else to occupy its time.

Hmmm… I see a top five motivational images or quotations post in my future.

And you? What kind of stuff works for you? What gets you motivated?

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